Best Beauty Stocking Fillers!!

tumblr_ma4az7ZXaa1rd93s2o1_500 Christmas day you wake up completely dishevelled, a night of no sleep filled with pure excitement for what awaits your morning rise. The Stockings are hung on the fire place or in my case it was always my bedroom door handle, it's the first thing you tuck into, any chocolate you recieve will be demolished for breakfast so why not use every beauty item your blessed with for a fresh Christmas morning? Here are my best beauty stocking fillers to freshen you up ready for those festive family photos! 345_image_1_hero_1_ GHD Split End Therapy A lightweight cream/serum that uses heat technology or more scientifically, ' a propriety Thermo-Marine Bonding System ' to help fill out and bind together any broken hair fibers that are more commonly known as split ends. This is a cream that also swears on preventing any further breakage in the future, for up to ten washes! Each strand of hair is coated in a protective coating so that your hair has protection whatever the weather, whatever the style. A perfect stocking filler for perfect christmas curls at the family christmas dinner. mini-detangling-hair-brush Dessata tangle teezer brush Dessata Mini Hair Brushes are designed to gently untangle hair with vastly reduced tugging and breakage, perfect for use with any kind of hair extension and help to stop shedding by minimizing the pull of hair from the weft. This brush is effective on all hair types, even dry unconditioned hair! Perfect for children and adults, easily to grup and a perfect handbag size! An Ideal stocking filler for hairstylists, ladies, children and men. A great all rounder! 080_2 Eylure eyelashes eyelashes are always a great stocking filler, small and easy to fit in a few pairs this is a little present that will add an extra bit of glamour to your christmas holidays! We have under eye lashes, winged lashes, super dark dramatic lashes so there's bound to be something to suit your gift reciever and make them feel that extra bit special! Eyelure eyelashes do usually come with glue, however we do some sell lashes that come alone, so maybe buying a pot of eyelash glue can be another mini stocking filler? Find eyelash glue here. 50-gift-voucher Pauls Hair World Gift Voucher. A gift voucher is a perfect present for a stocking filler if you're having trouble choosing a present, it's still a gift but gives the reciever an ability to choose something that they would like for christmas. These gift vouchers can come in a range of different amounts, anything from a 10 pounds giftcare up to 100 pounds!!    
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