Beauty Works Tousled Hair Piece: Three Gorgeous Hairdos for the Price of One

At Pauls Hair World we love a gorgeous hairdo, but what we love even more is a gorgeous hairdo that can be styled in minutes! New to buy online is the Beauty Works 22” Big Tousled Hair Piece, and what is so great about this hair piece is that it can be effortlessly styled into your hair within minutes - plus you can use the hair piece to style your hair in three super chic hair styles – perfect for busy ladies who love mixing up their look on the go!

 The tousled hair piece gives a truly natural looking wave thanks to its layered design. The piece comes fully equipped with clips that can be effortlessly attached to your hair while the added drawstring allows you to easily secure the hair piece into place. Giving your hair extra volume and length in minutes, the Beauty Works tousled hair piece seamlessly blends into your hair for that gorgeously natural look.

If you love trying out new hair looks then this tousled hair piece is sure to be your new hair saviour! Here are three super chic hair looks that you can try out yourself:

Look One: Wavy Ponytail Start by styling your own hair into a neat high pony tail. Next, wrap your hair into a bun and clip your own hair into place using hair grips, you can then position the hair piece over your bun - the hair piece’s clips easily slide into your hair. To secure the pony tail simply pull on the drawstring (you can hide the drawstring by tying it into a knot and gripping it underneath the hair piece).

Look Two: Glam Updo Another hairstyle that you can try with the Beauty Works tousled hair piece is a Glam Updo. To achieve this look, style the hairpiece into the Wavy Ponytail as detailed above. Next wrap the hairpiece around into a messy bun and clip into place to secure the bun.

Look Three: Volume & Body As well as super chic updos, the Beauty Works hair piece can also be used to add extra volume when you wear your hair down. Start the look by using curling irons to style your hair into loose curls to create that light wave. After you have curled the hair, keep the waves in place by spritzing plenty of hairspray. Next, clip away a section of hair over your crown. Open the hairpiece so that the drawstring is loose and clip it underneath this section of hair. You can then release the hair you clipped away and blend it over the top of the hair piece – the finishing result will leave you with super bouncy and full volume locks!

The Beauty Works 22” Big Tousled Hair Piece is available to buy online in a number of natural colours at Pauls Hair World. How will you wear the hair piece?
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