Beauty Works stick tip - Ultimate Hair Goals!


Beauty Works are one of the leading brands in hair extensions, supplying celebrities such as Nicole scherzinger and Michelle Keegan this high quality remy hair is perfect for adding glamour and quality to your styles. Dress like a superstar, feel like a superstar!

Celebrity choice stick tip hair is the same great hair as weft but in a stick tip form suitable for micro ring application, this hair is designed for extreme durability and comfort to allow you to achieve your desired looks with ease and manageability. The formulated keratin bones are made from man made polymers that copy the hairs protein structure, the ultimate secret to long lasting pre bonded extensions! This special formula keeps all hair extensions within the bond leaving you with thick, full hair extensions all the way through your wear.


These beauty work stick tips are available in 18 and 20 inches, each strand is 1g of hair and there are 50 strands in each packet. Usually 150 pieces are needed to blend through a full head of hair, that does depend on how your hair is cut and how thick your hair is without the extensions. People differ, you might need more than 150 pieces but you could also need less. There are 46 colors available within the stick tip range so it's most likely that you will find a match even if it means blending a few colors together.

It's best to come in store and have a free consultation with our hair extension technicians. 

Ring in store and ask about our Stick Tip Deal prices. 
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