Beauty Works - Quad Weft 20% off!


Beauty Works, one of the leading brands in hair extensions have supplied celebrities and high street alike with high quality remy Human hair extensions. The luxury clip ins are as popular as ever but can sometimes be too heavy or too many pieces for people with finer hair. Wether you have fine hair or you just wanted an added volume boost, the Quad weft clip in piece is perfect for you and in store is now 20% off! 


This clip in Quad weft extension gives ultimate thickness and volume with each voluptuous hair piece, containing four wefts of hair this piece allows you to create amazing hair styles and achieve style perfection with more hair and less clips. These quad weft extensions give you the thickness of wearing four regular hair wefts but you have the ease and comfort of only wearing one. These quad wefts are 11'' wide and available in 18'' length, they're 100% remy human hair and are wefted down onto beauty works unique lace system, this system prevents shedding and withstands washing to keep your hair extensions thicker and fuller for longer. These are super easy to attach and can be fitted within minutes, perfect for the person who is always on the go! This hair is 100% human hair so you have the ability to style it however you like, giving you, glorious locks everyday with this piece being virtually undetectable.


example of lace system ^ This hair has long lasting, tangle free finish thanks to beauty works care in retaining only the finest cuticle correct remy hair. The hair is collected and lightly processed ensuring all cuticles are intact and facing the same direction, this diminishes the likelihood of tangling and matting of your hair extensions. Remy, cuticle retained hair lasts 3 times longer than regular human hair and with stand heat and regular washing just like your own!

Limited Stock Available in store.

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