Beauty Works - Instaglam selfie light - Review!


If you haven't taken a selfie or own an Instagram account then i'm going to assume you've been living in a cave for the past couple of years and have never even heard of WiFi. Instagram has been the platform many business's have used to promote themselves, individuals have used it to promote their makeup skills or hair techniques they're especially proud of, snapping shots here and there of their eyebrows and pressed glitter creations, taking a picture of yourself escalated to be the norm and the term ' selfie ' has been coined. Selfie related accessories can be found in almost every electrical store or fashion shop. Beauty Works decided to dip their big business boots into the selfie world and have created the Instagram selfie light, lightweight, small but exceptionally bright this is a light that will take your selfies to the next level!


The Beauty Works Instaglam light is a portable battery operated ring light, a smaller version of the lights that are used for YouTube videos and photo shoots, an extreme light that catches all textures and colors giving the perfect photo. This ring light clips onto your mobile phone super easily and provides you with three settings of bright light, there's a subtle glow, medium glow and super glow. The light is so bright as it consists of 36 tiny LED lights! I absolutely love this light, i feel on the highest setting it perfectly smooths out my skin and gives my face more of a contoured look. If i use glitter on my eye shadows it perfectly picks that up making my eye shadow efforts look a lot more successful, i know i'm not a makeup artist and my brushes are never washed. Ooops! This light is super light weight, can take seconds to set up and can just be thrown into my bag when i'm on the move! I love this light and would defintley recommend it to a selfie lover whether you love taking selfies of yourself or your makeup! Purchase Here - £19.99

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