Beauty Works Candy Colours - Was £39.99 , NOW £15 !

candy colour Have you ever fancied yourself a bit of a color chameleon? I am, i love changing my hair color often for a splash of confidence, i love changing up my makeup to match the different tones and love the compliments i get from having bright hair. Dying and bleaching hair to get it light enough for pastel colors is very damaging, if you're like me and you love to play around with color but don't want to damage your hair then these clip in Candy Colour pieces by Beauty Works will be perfect for you! Giving you A list hair color in pre dipped pastel shades without any of the hassle! candy colours Get Celebrity coloured hair just like Demi Lovato, the dip dye trend is never dying down and these quick and easy clip in extensions are perfect when you want to switch it up to suit your mood or update your spring to summer look. These packet of extensions weigh 35g and it usually requires 3 packets to get a full head effect, they are 100% human hair and all 18 inches.This does depend on thickness of hair and hair cut. Human hair means you can style it, wash it, heat them just like your own hair, however, as they are extensions we do recommend to use a sulfate free shampoo and beauty works aftercare to keep them in the best shape. You can find all of that here.  To be taken to Beauty Works candy colour clip ins, click here.
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