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Take care of your beard this Movember! November or rather November is a month where most men decide to grow their facial hair in aid of charity but it seems men around the globe have been growing their beards out for the last two years or so, mens facial hair is highly fashionable at the minute and has been for quite some time. It seems the beard boom will never end?  We are dipping out toes into the world of beards and male grooming by introducing Beard Guys products into our high street stores!

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Beard Guys Beard Oil & balm

New in stock is the Beard Oil and beard balm 25, a brand that promotes itself on containing 25 nourishing natural oils perfect for feeding and keeping your beard healthy. Although the beard is the epitome of masculinity, you still want it to feel super soft and silky and these products are perfect for the job! As well as nourishing the beard, these will keep your skin underneath the beard in tip top shape, healing properties are ever so slightly present too with oils such as almond oil, avocado oil and red raspberry seed oil can help to soothe and ease dry skin and beard rash. Vitamin E is another one of these 25 oils that will have your face feeling as sleek and fresh as the newest fashion trend! These are non greasy, absorb fast and are suitable for all beard types!

Application - Easy to apply, just simply wash and towel dry your beard and apply several drops of balm to your fingertips. Massage into your beard working from the tips of the hair to the skin. To buy Beard Guyz products click here!

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