Awful hair styles

Bad hair, everybody, everywhere has been a victim of it, even the rich and famous, just take a look at Madonna:

Unfortunately, bad hair days are something that we are all going to have to deal with at some point, but what happens when truely terrible hair, is actually a fashion. Cue photograph (swiped from a family member of her looking like George Micheal and her best friend the poodle).

Looks like someone forgot their smoothing cream.

Now apparantly, in the eightes, this was the way to look. When I was shown the picture (once I had calmed down from shrieking with laughter) it got me thinking, would the hairstyles we currently love, seem so funny 20 years from now? When I questioned my auntie about why she left the house looking like this she said at the time she looked amazing and thought she was the "fittest woman ever to work this Earth" then proceeded to try and convince me (once again, may I add) to have a portrait of her, as a gift, yeah...

Just look at that perm... It wasn't even a one time only offence, after she came to her senses and got rid of it, it would appear, that she did it again! Only this time she added a velvet bow. At least these days our hair accessories are nicer to touch and quite a bit more pretty.

As you can also see, she has attempted to colour her hair herself, with hiliarious results. Always seek advice from a professional, especially when lightening or going brighter! If you need more convincing, have a look at this beauty:

Yes, that is me with fushia roots, purple hair and dark purple extensions, sat in a box. Don't worry though this was about three years ago, before I started working here and learnt the importance of proper hair products and matching extensions. I actually left the house like this, and like my auntie, I thought I looked amazing. It's funny what we all do to stand out or be fashionable isn't it?

Have you got any awful horror stories of the things that you have done to your hair?



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