Aurora Headband, NIGHT ROLLER - In Stock!

aurora 71WMs-A-qKL._SL1500_ I'm sure you've heard the buzz about the Aurora band, many Facebook videos bounced around the internet featuring this night roller by Lindsey! Originally an idea brought to the dragons den, this is a product i have heard SO much about! A product offering effortless, faultless curls whilst you sleep had this headband on the lips of every time stricken individual. Gone are the hours of hot curling, wand burns and sweaty heads. Simply, wrap your wet hair into this Velcro headband, have a super comfortable nights sleep and wake up after your alarm with perfect hair! Our 2016 savior! Similar material and idea as the Sleep in Rollers, this comfortable foam headband allows you to have a comfortable nights sleep whilst you leave your plastic rollers in the draw! Gone is the ache in the neck, gone is the pain in the head, what more could we ask for? aur2 In only 4 steps you can achieve salon style curls in a perfect nights sleep, simply dampen hair with water or setting spray and follow wrapping instructions above. When removing curls, remove once section at a time, wrap round your finger to find the curl pattern, spray with a flexible holding hair spray then release for bouncing tresses everyone will be complimenting! AVAILABLE IN STORE AND ONLINE. 
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