All about undertones - pick the right foundation for your skin!

Undertone-Header-Image-V1 Picking a foundation that matches your skin tone is a difficult task, i can't count the amount of times I've thought I've found the perfect shade only to get home and apply a full face, they're either too orange or too yellow and it's an absolute nightmare. With this little guide hopefully picking a foundation to match your skin tone and undertones wont be such a hassle, you can apply these tricks to all skin tones and learn to pick your shade for a flawless base. Undertones  There are many different skin tones thus there are many different undertones depending on the shade of your skin. Undertone is the color that sits beneath our skin  and determines our skins overall appearance. There are 3 different undertones, cool, warm and neutral, these work for all skin types and there are shades within each undertone category that will help your foundation blend seamlessly. If you have pale skin then you need to look out for pink ( cool ), peach ( warm ) or blue undertones (cool) in your foundation. Yellow ( warm ) and red ( cool ) are the main undertones in dark and black skin, so look out for these! How to test your undertone white skin. You should avoid testing your undertone in store lighting or any kind of yellow lighting, the best time to check your undertone is in pure natural light, daylight is best for this. If you have white skin you can find your undertone by looking at your skin on the inside of your arm, look at your veins on your wrist and determine which out of the following is more like yourself.
  • You have a Cool undertone if the veins on your wrist are blue or purple, silver jewelry flatters your skin, you have a pink hue to your skin with red tones especially around your eyes and nose, and you tend to burn easily in the sun.
  • You have a Neutral undertone if the veins on your wrist are blue-green, both gold and silver jewelry flatters your skin, and your skin doesn’t contain any distinguishable pink or yellow undertones.
  • You have a Warm undertone if the veins on your wrist are green or olive, gold jewelry flatters your skin, skin appears yellow in the sun, your skin contains very little redness, and you tend to tan easily.
How to test your undertone Dark & black skin. Usually dark skin will have a variation of tones due to pigmentation being slightly different in areas of the body, yellow and red tones are the most commonly used tones in dark foundation. To best match darker skin we recommend to match your face to your body instead of trying to even out the face tone. Try to match your foundation to your body as a whole instead of isolating the face, you might find if you do the latter your face might be slightly off shade with the rest of you in photos. Do not test it on your jaw or back of your hand, test it on your chest in natural daylight to find which one is best suited. Take testers if you can so you are able to figure it out at home. skin tonesss        
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