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keracare hydrating detangling shampoo keracarehydshampoo
Karacare detangling shampoo is a god send for permed, relaxed and color treated hair. This shampoo is great at removing excess oils from the hair and scalp whilst maintaining a perfect balance for a healthy looking appearance and feel. This shampoo is super hydrating which helps to minim ize breakage we often get when attempting to de-tangle, use this regularly and you will find your hair soft and shiny, beautifully manageable.  

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Keracare leave in conditioner 
This leave in conditioner is a 3 in one treatment, it helps to prevent hair from thermal damage due to styling. Prolonged use of straighteners, hot combs, hairdryers and curlers all leave our hair prone to breakage and dryness, this little leave in conditioner helps to protect against this kind of damage. Using this regularly will help to improve the surface of our hair follicles leaving your hair feeling smooth and looking sleek with lots of shine! It helps to detangle any knots and contains sunscreens which again prevent from heat damage but also from sun rays which can dry our hair out and lighten our color. This is a great little product and for £8.99 who can complain? Purchase here!

Shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie
This is a rich product perfect for defining curls, reducing frizz and smoothing out hair for the perfect soft, silky feel. Great at restoring moisture this product allows your hair to soak up all the natural ingredients and creates brilliant shine without weighing your hair down, use for bouncy healthy curls all day! This is a product made from natural and organic ingredients, coconut oil being the main one. Coconut oils is great both hydrating and protecting hair from breakage, silk protein is the key ingredient for the shine this product gives and neem oil is the master at de-frizzing and adding shine! Rich Coconut Oil and Shea Butter provide a mix of intense emollients that penetrate scalp, hair and skin with restorative moisture. Tames frizz, while defining and maintaining natural curls.

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ORS Olive Oil sheen spray  


ORS is a leading brand in moisture repair and care, their olive oil range including this nourishing sheen spray, sells particularly well. This product isn't greasy in the slightest, it's a shine enhancer created to restore your natural moisture balance. The formula is a blend of vitamin E, olive oil and herbal extracts that injects your brittle, lifeless hair with new life, no matter the texture! This is a product that is free of fluorocarbons and drying alcohols!

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