Additional Lengths Feather Extensions! Online exclusive!!


In only a few short months, festivals start their pre-sale period and tickets are flying out to home addresses across the globe. It isn't long now till we're knee deep in bass and mud, donning the wellies and every hippie inspired jewelry we can find. Feather hair extensions are all the range that time of year, be ahead of the game and pick yours up now while stocks last!



Feather Hair Extensions can be attached to your hair using Micro or Silicone rings or for a quick in and out option, our feathers are produced so you can fit them securely using normal hair extension clips. The packs contain 10 Feathers made up into 2 bundles and 10 Micro Rings. The Average feather length is 10" which makes it super easy to fit into any hair style or cut, even if it's short!  The lengths of the feathers can be cut to suit your own hair length and positioned wherever you like in your hair .As our hair feathers are a natural product, they can be washed, brushed, and styled along with your own hair, but we do recommend you use a lower heat setting if using heat appliances. Your feather hair extensions can last up to 6 month depending on usage and how well you look after them. All our feather hair extensions are hand made in the UK ! To purchase, click here to be redirected to the website.

£14.99 per packet.

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