A Interview With the MD Of Beauty Works

Hi Guys, Beauty Works is one of the leading Hair Extension brands in the UK. We managed to grab 10 minutes with the very busy and beautiful Managing Director, Penelope. Firstly, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to speak to us. How long has Beauty Works been trading? 7 years this July! We first started out in Liverpool and the girls were very into there hair, I'm thankful we started in this city, I lived there for two years with my partner and within the first year we expanded out around the UK. Manchester,Leeds and now we have stockist all over in the world, in countries such as Dubai,Kuwait,Qatar and even Saudi Arabia! We have requests from celebrities and stylist daily, today I personally dropped hair off for a actual princess as I was in London and luckily had supplies on me.  She needed hair immediately apparently before a important event. What was the inspiration behind the Beauty Works Brand? It was my experience with expensive hair extensions that made me want to start Beauty Works, I wanted a affordable quality hair type without having to pay a crazy price tag. we were really the first brand in the UK to offer European women quality hair  without the over the top price  tags! The extensions that were in salons were pre-bonded hair types and properly three times more expensive than Beauty Works hair, I wanted something that would sit in the middle. With in the first year of starting Beauty Works Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian had used our hair. Kim requested 12 packets once and Cheryl's stylists I still work with to this day. How do you see the brand progressing? We're focusing on over seas, but the UK is our HQ and home so everything will launch here before any other markets. Beauty Works has done incredibly well in a relatively short space of time, what do you think has been the key factors in your success? Working with a good team and keeping good relationships with your clients and listening to your customer base. How do you develop an idea into an actual product? and how long does this usually take? The Jen ATKIN line took about eight months to develop, we met and discussed what she was passionate about and her experience with working with different extensions. We always look for something different and don't like to copy what's out there, were not known for that. We always lead the market and have to be different from our marketing to our products. If you copy someone's ideas your never last the test of time and be respected as a brand. How many new products are currently in the pipeline? We are currently working on new products, but I don't want to reveal to much.Yesterday I was chatting with Jennifer Lopez stylist and today I met with the UKs leading colourist who help and guide me with trends. Do you wear extensions, if so which ones? Yes! I have worn extensions since I was 15, I worked as a waitress and used to save all my tips to buy them and had the individual bonds fitted by Raccoon. My mum would drive me three hours to the nearest salon that offered them and they used to take all day to be applied. They used to shred a lot and my boyfriend wouldn't let me in his car as he said I lost more hair than his dog! This was 15 years ago now and extensions have come a long way! This experience really inspired me to start Beauty Works. I currently wear Invisi Tape extensions now as I love the speed and the root Colour designs that Jen ATKIN designed. They are inspired by her client base and the Colour gives me lots of highlights but still maintaining a dark base. What hair trend is hot right now? Balayage Colour ways and root colours, creating more 3d tones in the hair and making the shades less blocky and one not just one Colour. A Good hair extensionsist can create this look with certain types of extensions and blending the colours. Do you have any predictions for future trends? I do but I don't want to share, I want you to wait and see our aw16 collection! Sorry.. Jen Atkin is obviously a hair hero, how do you think she will benefit the brand? Brand awareness is a key factor but we wanted to hire expertise in the industry and Jen is for me is the best for Beauty Works. We had actually been sending her hair for two years and we met and discussed a partnership at a Khloe Kardashian hair class I attended. So it was a natural progression for us to get her involved. She also very social media savvy, she has over 1.9 million followers on Instagram and a similar number on snap chat. How is she to work with? She is great to work with and very hard working and inspiring. She is Hugely involved with her range, from the product design to the factory and even the packaging. We done the shoot in LA as she wanted to style the hair and style the looks. We both always have had a passion for hair so we make a good partnership. Before styling for the kardashians, Jessica alba and Gwen Stefani, she actually started out just doing hair extensions, 15 years ago on stars like Paris Hilton, Micha Barton and Britney Spears. So combined we both have a huge passion for all things hair extensions. Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to the launch of the A/W16 Collection. jenatkin
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