90's Hair Clip Trend - yes or no?


The past year or so, 90's fashion has come back in a big way. Every high street is a wash with crop tops, crop jumpers, jeans with funky patches and sprinkled with glitter. Everyone who's anyone owns more than one choker and the center parting, sleek bobbed hair is set to be this years hottest trend. Along with these trends there are some others which aren't as popular yet but seem to be back on the rise, a 90's trend slowly creeping from the shadows is the simple hair clip. We all remember them don't we? I had tons of these in primary school, i wore that many my head sparkled like a disco ball whenever i turned around but i couldn't not wear them!


Although the clips comeback isn't as bold as my cranial disco it's still a nod to the 90's fashion that we all love. You can bring it back in a bigger way and wear more if you like, Superstar solange has been seen with a statement look of more than 10 clips framing the face, 5 on either side of her parting. I don't think i'd personally wear that many unless i was dressing as my 8 year old self, i probably would however wear one or two like Chloe Moretz above.


Is this a trend you'd help to bring back or stay well away from?

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