8 ways to reinvent your look on a budget

Looking to reinvent or vamp up your look for the season ahead? It's easy to do without breaking the bank, by using a few quick hacks and tweaks!

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Use a hairpiece

If your hair is short and you crave luscious swinging locks, simply use a clip in ponytail to transform your style and turn heads! These synthetic hair pieces are wonderfully easy to use - simply select the right colour to match to your hair, and then use the attached clip to secure the piece into place. Sweep it up into a high ponytail, or weave it into a low and classic chignon.

Switch your colours

If your usual look is natural and under-stated, you'll be amazed at the difference that a pop of colour can make to your overall appearance. Try one of the seasonal reds or party neons and simply use in one place to add fun and style without being overwhelmed. For example, you might want to try a sparkling disco eyeshadow in place of your usual taupe, or embrace a bold berry lip in favour of your usual clear gloss. Click here for the perfect smokey eye. shutterstock_135405131  

Get curling

If you usually iron your hair, use your curling tongs to create romantic soft curls - or go for tight whirls for a disco babe look! Check out our blog post on how to get curls like Blake Lively. budget look  

Add a hair tint

If you aren't ready for the cost or commitment of professional hair colouring, why not experiment with a leave in tint or semi-professional colour at home? Modern formulations add moisture, tone and incredible shine to your hair, giving it a new lease of life! budget look phw

Clothes swap!

Tired of your wardrobe? Carry out a clothes swap with a friend of a similar size, whose style you admire. You'll both find items that you are ready to trade, and you can create new looks in the process, without having to fork out on a new wardrobe! Even better, get your friend to suggest some new outfit combinations - you'll get a fresh perspective and new ideas!

Upgrade your manicure

If you usually go for simple colour or nude nails, why not have fun with nail art for the party season? A swish of metallic, or a layer of sparkling jewels; you'll find superb nail art accessories to transform your look! budget look

Add an accessory

A hat, scarf, glasses or jewellery all can work to transform your existing look. The trick is to embrace just one or two and use them to 'lift' your wardrobe. For example, simple jeans and a tshirt look really funky when paired with a coloured fedora, and dark rimmed glasses paired with red lips and an up-do is very chic. budget look

Change your perfume

This is a quick and easy way to change how you feel, as well as how you look! Try a new perfume sample - switching orientals for woody fragrances, or florals for zesty perfumes for example. You will feel invigorated and really notice the lovely new scent on your skin and clothes.  

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