8 easy hairstyles for the party season

With the Christmas season officially upon us and festive celebrations about to kick into full swing, now is the perfect time to start perfecting your hairstyle for the party season. We'll tell you how to achieve 8 of the hottest hairstyles and ensure that you look picture-perfect at every party.

 easy hairstylesBraided Bun

This stylish bun has something of a Grecian elegance about it and can be easily achieved in both short and long hair. If you have long hair you’ll need to scrape it back and secure it with a pony tail holder then plait it tightly. If your tresses are short you can make use of Beauty Works hair extensions to achieve the desired result. Once plaited wind the hair around itself and secure with grips to keep in place.      

easy hairstyles half upHalf Up

Glamorous, gorgeous and easy to achieve, the half up hairdo requires only a hairband, and a spritz of hairspray to smooth down fly-aways on the crown of the head. Make a half pony, secure and wrap hair around the band for a stylish finish. You can create curls or waves on the bottom section of the hair to add volume and bounce.      

easy hairstyles backcombed upBackcombed up

A teasing comb and strong hold hairspray are required to create this look and you simply need to tease hair from the crown of the head to create volume and tuck the remainder of your hair under into a simple twist, spraying the top of your head liberally.  


easy hairstyles Parted PonytailParted Ponytail

A fun look that can be sleek and sophisticated or a little funky, you'll start by making a half pony at the top of the head, then use hair bands to secure the hair mid-way down, at the nape of the neck and half way down your back.    

easy hairstyles thick wavesThick Waves

You'll need hair curling tongs or large rollers to create these lustrous waves, as well as some styling mouse and a little bit of patience. Tong or curl hair around rollers, leave for the desired amount of time then release and run your finger through you hair to create a softer look.      

easy hairstyles pulled backPulled back

This style is simple yet elegant and all you need to do is create gentle waves, blow dry your hair or pick your favourite look and use a clip to sweep up tresses from the side.  


easy hairstyles Twisted hair updoTwisted hair updo

This updo might look tricky but its super simple. Twist the hair in sections around the base of your skull then secure with hair pins or clips underneath, so they remain out of view. A hairband can also be used to hold rolled, twisted sections of hair in place, creating an elegant, effortless look.      

easy hairstyles Velvety CurlsVelvety Curls

Tongs or curlers can be used to create this stunning style and you’ll need to spritz hair spray all over your locks to keep them bouncy. Clean, dry hair works best for this style and using mousse can create volume and retain curls shape.    
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