6 makeup trends on the rise! 2017!

2016 saw the lips go bolder and the eyebrows reach instagram perfection but from the projections of 2017 those makeup trends are finally dying out, the matte lipsticks are being replaced for lip balms or lashings of gloss and the pristine eyebrows perfected with powders and brushes are being washed off for more of a natural look. Finally! Here are 6 of the biggest style trends set for 2017! 1. pastel eyeshadow dreaddds Marc jacobs secured pastel eyeshadow a spot in the 2017 trends list, models back stage were rocking pastel braids to match their pastel blinkers and i for one absolutely love it! Pink is set to be huge in 2017, pastel pink ever bigger and foam green shades are projected to be a huge hair hit so why not experiement with a pastel eye look too! Mix it up and make a pastel rainbow, run some pastel colours across the lower lid for more of a statement look. Subtle but statement! I can't wait to try this trend! 2. All Natural Brows 16c283558271c68cd5c33d9eef9c47f7 2016 saw everyones eyebrows reach severe points, carved to perfection with concealer and setting powder for instagram photos, your makeup wasn't complete without your brows boldly painted. 2017 finally sees that makeup trend dissolve under a makeup wipe, fresh, natural brows are in. A wand of clear eyebrow gel is everything the new year needs for you to be bang on trend. 3. Natural Skin Glowing spring_summer_2017_makeup_trends_no_powder_dewy_skin_makeup_fashionisers 2017 is all about being natural, natural eyebrows, natural lips and natural skin! Fading out are the heavily contoured faces, the strobing, the carved out eyebrows. A fresh, well moisturised face goes a long way in the new year! Everyone from Gucci to Boss on the red carpet had their models almost bare faced, a subtle highlight on the cheek bones and down the centre of the nose should be enough to give a natural face that healthy glow! 4. Grunge eyeliner eyesss smudgy, uneven, messy eyeliner is one of the statment looks set to storm in 2017! Goes perfectly with the shaggy textured hair trends and berry lips we are seeing this winter! This is a look that works well with rustic tones too, a burgundy shade would also look smoking. Mix it up a bit, keep it edgy, not too pristine and you'll be bang on trend. 5. Glitter Lips spring_summer_2017_makeup_trends_glittering_lips_fashionisers This is a look i have yet to try myself, it seems to be working for a lot of people as glitter lips are shining at the top of the 2017 style pile. Glitter is normally a trade mark of the tacky, the 90's, dress up or fancy dress but it seems 2017 glitter has taken a stride into high fashion and on the lips of every cotour runway model! I've seen glitter lips knocking about the high street already, affordably priced and in similair shades pictured above. This trend is for the statement makers, the ones who don't take themselves too seriously and are super creative! If this is you, try the trend! 6. Gloss glossy-lips A glossy pout has always been a trademark of youth, it adds a natural lustre to a natural face of makeup or just a plain face, makeup less. This is wearable for all ages, a 2017 trend that everyone can enjoy no matter the age. Perfect for all skin tones, lip gloss adds a little something extra to the mostly bare faces of 2017!        
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