5 Hair styles Huge In The New Year! 2017!

The new year is here, the ribbon has been ripped off of 2017 and all our old habits are being thrown into the wind. A fresh start, a chance to change it up and embark on fresh outlooks and appearances, aim for something new and fancy! I'm stuck in a style rut, i wear literally the same makeup almost everyday and i always wear my hair the same because i'm a creature of habit, what can i say? If you're like me and you're thinking of making more of an effort and switching things up as your resolution, then why not take these 5 trends and use them throughout january! You'll be breaching comfort zones and storming down the statement style pathway in no time! 1. Sleek centre parting partingggg Winter of 2016/2017 saw glam and grunge merge together and step into the limelight, 90's centre partings were covered in glitter and gwen stafani was given a run for her red lipped money! The 90's parting isn't dying down, the slick style only works if your hair isn't fried, so give it a good trim, a deep condition and mist in heat protection before styling with the straighteners. Set to be the number one trend for 2017, i'm currently dabbling in the dark roots, centre parting and i can't say that i'm hating it! Give it a go, grow your fringe out and try something new! 2. Flat waves  landscape-1449597131-beachy-waves-collage Again, going for a rather undone and grungier look January 2017, flat waves are in. These waves are created with neither roll nor barrel but a flat iron, simply twist hair and flat iron. Let cool and you're left with undone, messy, textured hair that's subtly glam. Straighten the ends of your hair to have more of a put together look but if you want to keep it messy add a volumising spray and plump it up! 3. Growing out shag hbz-hair-trends-2017-long-shag This is the hairstyle i'm currently rocking, having had a full fringe for a very long time, i decided to see it off around 3 months ago and this is what i've been working with. Suprised to see it's actually on a hottest style projection for 2017 but i'll take that! The fringe is on the way out, as you can probably tell by centre partings and split fringes. 4. Slick and shiny! hhdgefguw
Rita Ora, kim kardashion and the likes of shay mitchell have all braved this daring look. It takes skill to take this look into high fashion and not greasy mess. The Slick shine that makes hair look wet when it's actually dry is a projected 2017 hair trend. Just work a heavy dose of styling cream from your roots to mid-lengths to get that unmistakable shine with a little bit of hold. 5. Bronde hbz-hair-trends-2017-golden-bronde Bronde is a colour that's somehwere between blonde and brown, shines differently in every light and works with every skin tone. If you've never tried blonde hair before, maybe 2017 is your year and bronde is your colour. Cara delevigne looks glam in a cooler toned bronde shade but if you need a warmer shade you can always make it  touch more brown with a pinch more red! Try it, see how you feel in the new year!  
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