5 Festival Hair Tips from Pauls Hair World

When you’re enjoying a music festival with your friends, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is styling your hair! With less than a month to go until Glastonbury,the team at Pauls Hair World have put together some essential tips to help you look great and channel your inner hippy chic this festival season!

Festival Hair Tips from pauls hair world

1. Be Prepared One of the key steps to having great festival hair is to bed prepared. Take some time before you leave to give your hair a really good wash, followed by a deep condition. This will keep your hair in good shape for longer while at the festival. Intensive moisturising will lock in any natural moisture, so your hair will look beautifully shiny and sleek throughout the event. 2. Keep it as simple as possible Given the lack of showers, or even a decent mirror, it makes sense to go for the slight mussed-up look. This can be achieved by simply letting your hair dry naturally or simply plaiting your hair when wet to give it some natural waves. Add a bit of interest pre-festival by using a curling wand to create some tousled curls which will drop out throughout the festival and leave you with gentle curls. 3. Dry shampoo will be your saviour! This little gem will be your saviour on day two, when you may find your hair beginning to get a little greasy and lank. Use dry shampoo to introduce texture and some much needed volume. This revitalising dry shampoo, available here from Paul's Hair World online, will freshen up those roots and add a touch of sparkle. 4. Keep your hair off your face & accessorise Once day three arrives, you will need to draw attention away from the condition of your hair. Plaits, twists or a messy ponytail is a perfect festival look. Accessorise with hats or a pretty floral hair pieces for effortless hippy chic. Clip-in extensions are a great way to add length to your hair and draw eyes away from your unwashed roots, while helping you to achieve a relaxed festival hippy style. 5. And finally… Once the festival is over and you arrive home, treat your hair to another deep condition. After a few days neglecting your precious locks, you are sure to feel amazing! Do you have an amazing festival hair tip? Please share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!
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