5 Festival Hair Ideas!!

We all love festivals but how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are our top 5 festival hair ideas to help you on your way. 1. Hair Flairs Colour Rub. Watch the Hair Flairs Colour Rub Video The ORIGINAL temporary color that rubs directly on to hair. Designed for hair, let your hair be the life of the party, then wash out!   2, Hair Feathers are a great addition to your hair. Available in a fantastic range of colours from natural tones to wild pinks and blues. All the hair feathers are also heat style-able so you can curl them into your own hair.  The latest fashion trend sweeping the globe is Feather Hair Extensions which can be attached to your hair using Micro or Silicone rings or for a quick in and out option, our feathers are produced so you can fit them securely with clips.     3.  Flower Combs. Flowers in your hair is an old favorite of festival goers. Why not try a twist on the traditional and try our Flower Banana Combs available in 6 colours.       4. Style Maker. I went to V Festival last year and wore the style Maker all the time. So quick and easy to do. Also lots of different ways to wear them. I bought 2 and wore them as a high messy bun. Quick spray of Dry Shampoo and away I went.         5. Head Bands. We have a selection of headbands from plaited to flower available. Perfect for hiding greasy hair. We won't tell if you don't.       Hope you all have an amazing time  :-)
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