3 ways to curl your hair without heat this winter!


Big coat season is finally here, time to drag that huge woolly coat out of the cupboard and wrap yourself up warm. The heating on full blast for a cosy Sunday off work, the warm hairdryer in the morning before you step out into the winter rain. These are all types of heat which can damage our hair without us even thinking about it, top that with the use of a heating element such as straightener or curler and your set for a winter hair disaster! People tend to use heated hair tools a lot more in the winter season when really we should be laying off them and giving our hair the break it deserves! Here are 6 different ways you can curl your hair without turning on those hot hot curlers!


Bantu Knots This is a way to curl your hair that saves hours of prolonged heat to the face with the curling wand, if you're a person who wants to wake up and go then this could be the no heat curl solution for you! Bantu knots are created by separating wet hair into sections, twisting those sections into little buns (or knots), allowing them to dry overnight whilst you sleep and then easily unravelling them the next morning. This is one of the curling methods that doesn't require wet hair, any kind of styling product meant for curly hair will be perfectly fine to use before you twist them up! Using a styling product saves drying time, just wait a few hours and you're free to unravel all those gorgeous curls! The smaller the knot, the tighter the curl. The bigger the knot the fuller your curls are going to be.


Twist Out. This is a hair curling method that does require a bit of extra work, its a method that works extremely well in defining a natural curl pattern without any kind of heat. Again, work in a styling product and section hair off into around 12-15 twists. Make sure that both strands of your twist are even, this will save you having to bother a piece of hair from a different section and will result in your curls having even coverage. Twist your hair together, leave to dry and only unravel when they're thoroughly dry to avoid any kind of frizz. If you have fine hair I'd recommend working a curl styling product into damp hair. If you have thick hair, I'd make sure that you're hair is soaking wet before you work your product in and twist it up! When it's time to roll out your twists, do it carefully, fluff up your curls and add a little oil for a lustrous shine on every curl!


Flexi Rods A no heat curling method that is suitable for any hair type, naturally curly or straight. This is a method that I have personally used when my hair was longer and I loved it! Flexi rods are basically foam rollers you wrap your hair around and twist up towards your scalp, cover with a du rag or head scarf and sleep in them to wake up to beautiful heat free curls. Make sure hair is wet before you wrap up those curls, using wet hair allows the hair to dry and set the curl around the roller which means once they have been removed then the curls will stay as bouncy and as tight as you rolled them! FIND ALL YOUR ROLLERS HERE.

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