3 Easy DIY Halloween Looks

Dare to be different this Halloween with this step-by-step guide to three easy-to-create, beautifully horrific Halloween looks.

Halloween The Half FaceThe half face...

Step 1: Apply a complete covering of white face paint before drawing on the outline of the design using pencils from the Sleek range. The Kohl Eyeliner Pencil is available in eight different shades, from blue to black. Step 2: Shade in the different areas using Sleek Eye Dust Eyeshadow. The Eyedustzing shade is perfect for areas of fierce and fiery red, while Eyedustoohbaby is ideal for creating areas of shimmering blue. Step 3: Stick on shimmering jewels to add a little scary sparkle to the look. Step 4: Pop in one Berzerker lense from the 36-style range of Mesmeryz 1 day Xtreme Contact Lenses and one in striking Angelic Blue. Step 5: Apply lashings of black mascara to draw even more attention to your eyes. Step 6: Add the finishing touch with a fabulously bright pink hair colouring spray or choose a show-stopping wig from the Brights La Trend range.    

The sawHalloween The Saw

Step 1: Completely cover your face and neck with white face paint and add shading with the dark Hypnotic shade from the Sleek Eye Dust Eyeshadow range. Step 2: Draw on colourful swirls using True Colour Lipstick in Vixen, before filling in lips with the same shade. Step 3: Use the Sleek Brow Pencil in P Black to draw on the chin detail. Step 4: Add a pair of Vino Red Mesmeryz Xtreme 1 Day Contact Lenses for a really dramatic effect. Step 5: Slip on one of the All Colours Hair Couture by Sleek Dream Monofilament Human Hair Wig in the HC1/1B shade to complete the look.


Halloween Look The clownThe clown

1. Create heavy, sad brows using the Sleek Make Up Brow Pencil in P Black. 2. Define areas of black using the Twist Up Eye Pencil in Midnight, before shading in dramatic dark areas around the eyes with some Sleek Eye Dust Eyeshadow in Eyeduststarryeyed, Eyedusteden, Outrage and Eyedustdrama. 3. Use the Flick It Eyeliner in Black to create an over-extended lip outline or go to town with the Sleek Make Up Black Ink Pot Eyeliner. 4. Finish off the lip area with lashings of True Colour Lipstick in Vixen and OMG, making the most of the fact that, for once, you do not have to worrying about colouring in between the lines.
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